Saturday, January 14, 2017

Resolution Trail Run: Jan. 14th, 2017

This was my third year doing this race.  I really enjoy the atmosphere of this event.  My friends Keith and Paul put this thing on and they do a great job.  The best thing about this race is that it'a in January when nothing is going on and all the holiday business is behind us.  By mid Jan. it's been awhile since most people have raced or even been out on the trails for a run.  The first two years of this event had a lot of snow and crazy wintry conditions.  This year we had some warmer weather and even some rain leading up to the event.  We were worried there was going to be a lot of ice on the trail at Cass Benton park but it was actually not bad at all.  There were a few icy areas but we were able to get around them with ease.  The morning was pretty chilly with temps in the mid 20s.  It was about 30 degrees by the time we were done around noon.  It was cool to run this race without any snow on the trail.

The format of this event is different then most.  The trail loop is sort of a figure eight and is about two and a half miles long.  At the Resolution run you can sign up to do one hour, two hours, three hours, or four hours.  Then you see how many loops you can do in that time frame.  I have always signed up for the 4 hour event and I did 7 loops the first year and 8 loops the second year.  I was pretty sure I would be unable to top 8 loops but I was going to give it my best.  Some of my Toledo area trail running friends made the trek up to Michigan for this event.  I was glad to see Steve, Chris, Brandi, Jessica, and my new friend Bob.  I did not run with anyone during this race because I had not felt good all week and I ended up having a bad day.  My legs felt really heavy and I was just not running well.  I guess that is part of the sport, you never know what your going to get on any particular day.  I ended up going 6 laps plus added some distance by going off course to the bathroom twice!  I ended up with a little over 16 miles which is not too bad considering that I was having a tough day.  After the run I went out to lunch with the Toledo crew.  It was nice catching up with them and learning about everyone's race plans for the year.  My next event will be the Volunteers 50K run for Forget the PR 50K in April.  Can't wait to get back on those Mohican hills and it will be an official kick off to training for Mountain Lakes 100!

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